Jesus is The Sun Of Good (aka God)

Image         Image           Image           Image           Image           Image           Image           Image Jesus, is the sun of good, aka The Son Of God, he is the light of Heaven, his halo is the suns rays shining from his head (the celestial mind, the temples….. the temple is the mind and body of man, a shining temple is that of perfected wisdom and knowledge of the spiritual celestial wisdom) When Jesus walks on water, it is only ever at dusk and dawn (sun set and sun rise across the ocean). Jesus is a physical metaphor for that of the sun and the light it brings man, light is metaphorical for wisdom.

Images of Jesus, regardless of where found, old paintings or Church windows, always depict Christ as the sun, if you look you will see, it is no new and novel depiction, Jesus is the light of Heaven, we know The  Heavens are the universe, we are told this in Genesis, The light created is the sun, this is prior to creation of anything else, The Heavens came first with the Earth, then light follows.

When Jesus is taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb a large rock is rolled to seal his tomb, planets are rocks (solar eclipse), when Jesus is within the tomb The Bible speaks of total darkness ( 3 days solar eclipse aka -Tribulation) 3 days of an unlit orbit, Jesus` tomb is sealed for 3 days. Metaphorically precise, if, you understand the metaphors presented? There is no doubt that Jesus is the sun of heaven….