Jesus and his true meaning of love and light

Despite my belief of Jesus being a celestial body, I have sincere respect and admiration for his story and his teachings, He teaches love and peace, to deny credit to the anyone whom teaches such goodness is insane, regardless of story or physically proven reality, Love and peace is something we are all capable of and would assist true evolution of the human mind.

My favourite quote from any legendary being is that of Martin Luthor King,

” When the power of love replaces the love for power, only then will we truly have world peace”

Sometimes it takes words, sometimes it takes actions, but, true wisdom speaks for it self, Jesus (whether you believe in him or not?) teaches wisdom of celestial mind evolution, the true enlightenment and that of what the word enlightenment means, as I already expressed in translating the parable of the 7 virgins, light and lit lamps are non ignorance,.

Wisdom is not of intellect, wisdom is the little piece of light you have within and using it to anothers benefit.


Love exists, we cannot see it, smell it, touch it, bottle it, measure it…… but we have all felt it and therefore know it exists. it causes us trauma, wonder, depression and even results in some taking their own life through having lost it or destroyed it. Yet science tells us, if you cannot see something or measure it then it does not exist. Emotions are the human trait, without them, good and evil would not exist, we `feel`…. we desire, sadden, anger, hate, avenge and we despair, sometimes not because we have physical nor solid ground, our emotion takes hold and we fall victim to our own loss of sense.

Science tells us we have 5 senses






This is not the ever perfect 7, we are with seven chakras and with 7 senses, the final two are

Intuition and Instinct, despite not knowing that you do so, you live on these two senses more than you can imagine. We all know right from wrong and, if a person with morals? you know not to do a bad thing.

Now, a bad thing, at least to me, is not a breaking of a law nor is it making mistakes and learning from them, a bad thing is that of what you knew was wrong, would cause distress to another but did it any way.

Your intuition was your guide, you ignored it, instinct is primeval, it is the animalism within us all, call it reflex if you will, it is a curse as much as it is a weapon for the human. if someone attacks you? you retaliate…… I think many people disassociate themselves from the animal that we are but it is foolish to do so.

Animals are not all wild uncontrollable beasts, many are placid and want nothing other than to be left alone, those that are meat eaters and devour other animals are merely surviving in the only way they know how. Animals do not kill for sport, trophies nor profit. Animals only kill for food, survival and protection of their pack, Jesus tells us to be s wise as serpents yet as innocent as doves, Even his words tell us to follow the animal instinct trait, yet science and religion forbid us to believe in such wise sentiments.

I am a vegetarian, I have been asked why many times, truth is, deep within me a voice tells me it is wrong to do so, I do not condemn others that eat meat, it is not my place to do so, I just have no right to take a life, if it has a heart beat and bleeds blood….. it has a right to live.

Humans treat animals like an animal has no life, no worth, this is because it cannot speak, yet it still feels pain, screams and does not understand what it has done wrong when harmed.

The Elohim, in Genesis gives Adam rule over all of the animal kingdom but he does not say eat them, He has merely given us free will and a voice to communicate with not an allowance to brutalise, slaughter, enslave, overwork etc. it is only when the fallen singular Eloha depicts himself the God who must be worshiped and, only he alone, that sacrificial offerings are demanded.

Science and Education teach us we are top of the food chain, yes we are, but not as a means in which we devour all life that cannot speak, we are not animals. Animals respect their own kind, they protect eachother from harm, love and nurture their young unconditionally, it is a known fact a high percent of animals in captivity reject their young as opposed to the wilderness they do not.

Love is that of what we all have, be it may some people have it and lost it that causes great pain, they turn to despair, anger and vengence completely forgetting what was actually the good part.

If we all applied love and wisdom to our lives like animals do, we would not be such a greedy, spiteful, hateful, angry, ugly species.

Instinct and intuition has been stolen from us by science and religion, they are our most powerful traits, the gut feeling, the knowing, the understanding of who we are and what morals are in existence for. Seeing is not believing, but to believe will enable you to see. or the person without eyes that work is rendered useless, the deaf person is useless, this is not true, if one sense goes down the others enhance.

Meditation is the key, put plugs in your ears so you cannot hear, close your eyes so you cannot see, breathe through your mouth so you cannot smell, lay still and relax, so no sense of feeling, you are left with taste, instinct and intuition, your taste is not needed. Intuition and Instinct, clear your mind (that clears instinct) and intuition is all you have left… use it, talk to it, ask for answers to questions that seem to hard to answer and wait a few days for the answers to come, they will!.

People say they try and do this but it does not work, but most try once or twice, they tell themselves they did it right and mock the non event. I have been meditating for two and a half years and It never fails me.

Some ask why I have not won the lottery or have riches, well, riches and money are man made materialistic rubbish, I ask for peace, happiness, solutions to problems, all the things that came before man made bull. It works if you really want it to, Lighting the lamp in the mind, opening the third eye, having intuition is the light Jesus speaks of. Being as wise as serpents ┬ábut as innocent as doves, being the animal that you are and following the animal kingdoms actual gifts of ultimate innocence,- not using speech, not using technology, not harming others unless your life is at risk, we have a chance to shine with the furthered gifts of communication. Sadly we use it against one another, we use it to dumb down others, be above others…… we are all mere humans, not one is worthier than another, only the bad and twisted say otherwise.

Love and light are the two major truths and destructions in the world today, manipulated by the unrighteous man, Science claims it all an accident, religion claims a loving God will condemn you if you do not follow false prophets every word (contradictions are the religious lunacy as ever) The simplicity is we all have love and light within, using both together and going beyond the physical senses, we are truly amazing machines. Remember, love cannot be touched by a hand, measured, seen, heard, nor bottled, but it exi sts because we can feel it on the inside, we just know it is real,. learn this, and you are on the way to realise the intuition is real, the feeling, the knowing and your spiritual journey has begun. man may take our physical possessions, our money, make us work hard for nothing, have us slave to a false progress physically. Man may even try to take our mind via false prophecies and education, manipulate you via false media and TV, drug us in the name of healthcare but, the mind, undrugged, unmanipulated, left to think for itself, is a gift of intuition and true wisdom, love and light are the only way to humans celestial evolution and salvation